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Nguyen Thai Tuan, Re-Claiming Lost or Marginalised Histories in the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art  (nhận định mỹ thuật) 
Post-memory can be defined as secondary memory that is constructed by the next generation rather than by primary witnesses. In the work of the postwar generation of Vietnamese artists, post-memory is the inheritance of past events or experiences that are still being worked through. Nguyen Thai Tuan’s painting at the Asia-Pacific Triennial 7 shows the influence of photographic theory in the artist’s use of traces that are connected to themes of death, loss and absence... (...)

On Nguyen Thai Tuan’s BLACK PAINTINGS  (nhận định mỹ thuật) 
... In his Black Paintings series Nguyen Thai Tuan challenges the identities of the types he portrays, re-placing the constructed memory with his re-presentation. He requires his audience to return to a place and time and to actively re-member much that they have repressed or forgotten... (...)

Contemporary Arts Practice and Cultural Sustainability: Artists' Careers and the Market in Vietnam  (nhận định mỹ thuật) 
Contemporary arts practice is as important as traditional and heritage culture in the sustainability of social, cultural and environmental life in Vietnam. The current moment encompasses some conflicting and contradictory tendencies that need to be examined to promote sustainability... (...)

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